Here top 5 exciting upcoming technologies that will rule 2018 and beyond

Top 5 exciting upcoming technologies 2018.

The universe is changing very rapidly with emerging latest technology almost every day.Cloud computing, smartphones or multi-touch tablets and many more all these innovations revolutionized our life. However, this is just the beginning much more to come in upcoming years.Here top 5 upcoming technologies in 2018.

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Here top 5  exciting upcoming technologies that will rule 2018 and beyond.

1. Machine Learning

The first Tech of top 5 upcoming technologies in 2018.What every startup wants to be is different each decade. In the 1980’s it was a software company. In the 1990’s it was an internet company. In the 2000’s it was a social network. In the 2010’s it’s now a machine learning company. Even established businesses, eBay for instance, is reinventing themselves and want in on the machine learning “cognitive revolution.”

2. Driverless Cars

Autonomous driving cars along with electric vehicles will have a huge impact on the car industry that we know today. Autonomous vehicles will eliminate the need for car ownership for the masses, and electric vehicles will change the game on fossil fuel consumption.

top 5 upcoming technologies in 2018.

3. Bio-Technology

Bionic Hand controlled by brain signals. It does allow people without fingers to have fully functional hands that can pick up and handle delicate objects. It is completely controlled by the brain and requires no surgery. Touch Bionics, the company the produces the Pro Digits hand, is able to install the hand complete with “living skin,” a plastic covering resembling human skin, for under $50,000. A small price to pay for a new hand I think.


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4. Electrovibration Technology

Electrovibration technology will change the mobile touchscreen experience dramatically. You will be able to feel different kinds of texture. I know what you are thinking. The online shopping experience will go notches higher. Imagine shopping for clothes online without worrying about the texture and quality of the cloth.

5. Speech-to-Speech Translation

Last but not the least tech of top 5 upcoming technologies in 2018.In 2012, Microsoft demonstrated impressive speech-to-speech translation and now, real-time multi-language conference calls may finally become a commercial reality in 2017. IBM has also mentioned that it will open its Watson supercomputing platform to third-party developers. This will allow natural language processing features to be built into apps. Imagine discussing important matters across the globe with just a tap, in multiple languages without the aid of a translator or a mediator.

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