Top 12 SEO Trends And Ranking Factors – 2017


For any website, search engines are extremely crucial sources of organic traffic, leads, and customers. Since WordPress is widely known as an SEO friendly platform, you should use a properly optimized WordPress theme coupled with a top WordPress SEO plugin to reap the real benefits that plugins offer.let’s have a look at the Top 12 SEO Trends And Ranking Factors – 2017. 1. Keyword in Title, Description, and Header tags Title tags are one of the most powerful relevancy signals search engines. These are meant to provide accurate descriptions of the content of the pages. The…

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{Updated- 2017}High Quality Dofollow .edu & .gov Backlinks From High Authority Sites – 150+List.


150+ list of .edu & .gov backlinks to get a really quality backlink. High quality backlinks worth thousands low quality backlinks, especially the one coming from edu and .gov sites. Google loves backlinks from .edu & .gov sites and thus give your site good ranking in SERPs. An edu & .gov backlinks is associated with an educational institute & government organisation therefore considered as most authentic and valued backlink in term of SEO because they are from non-profit source give quality information, not a spam one and since exists for…

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Steps For Choosing Domain Names For Professional Sites or Blogs

Choosing Domain Names for Professional Sites A professional or business site is one where the primary purpose of the site is to facilitate business transactions of domain names for professional sites. You can sell items directly online or exclusively offline, but the result is the same. You want customers to buy products and/or service directly from you. To create a domain name for this type of website here are a few guidelines: Step for Choosing Domain Names for Professional Sites Shorter is better Make the name easy to pronounce Think…

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How to Increase Website or Blog Traffic-2017


Increase Website or Blog Traffic With millions of sites competing for users attention, one of the biggest challenges business face in their digital strategy is driving website traffic,there are many creative ways to increase traffic to your website. As long as your creating good, original content, you should see a natural increase in traffic. Here is a guide to Increase Website or Blog Traffic. 5 ways to increase website traffic There are many ways to increase website rank because web traffic and web content are bases on the rank Traffic is the ranking factor…

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SEO Checklist 2017 – To Get Perfectly Optimised Blog


SEO Checklist 2017 – To Get Perfectly Optimised Blog How to create a perfectly SEO optimised blog, so that our blog should rank high on the search result. In this article, we are going to learn all the SEO checklist 2017 which is very important to create the perfectly optimised blog. Try to cover all the checklist for your blog, I have shared all the aspects that you should go through it to make your blog properly SEO optimised for the search result. 1. Install Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the most…

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